Former Board Members

Meet some of our former members of the Board of Directors for the Langley Arts Council.

Rita Chaplinsky
Vice President, 2014-2015

Rita has been painting both realistic and stylistic interpretations of nature with acrylics since 2000. She studied architecture, but now works as a Vancouver accountant. She has been a board member, vice president and acting president at the Delta Arts Council over the past eight years, actively participating in hosting many community events and as a member of the Watershed Gallery & Gift Shop. She hosted one of the Delta Studio Stomp tour stops in October of 2013 & 2014. She would like to see the arts front and centre in all communities south of the Fraser, much as they are in Vancouver and its neighbouring towns north of the river.

Rita’s financial and procedural acumen were particularly appreciated by Lana, Leah, and Elleke, who each had occasion to be grateful for her support several times through this past year.   We are sorry to see her move on, but knowing that she will be focusing on her personal projects and family life, offer our warmest wishes for every kind of success, good health, and abundance.


Lynn Sykes
Director, 2014-2015

Lynn has recently retired after 27 years as Director of Operations for a large social service agency in Vancouver. Her experience in budget management, grants, program proposals, as well as dealing with various levels of both the provincial and federal governments will be of great value to the LAC Board. She is currently the vice-president of the Port Kells Art Club. Lynn is also a representational artist and active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, painting exclusively in oils and hoping to dedicate much more time to her art.

Lynn was instrumental in getting us through our first year of wrestling with the granting applications for the funding that kept us afloat.   Most of the rest of the board only got to see her at the board meetings because Lana, Leah and Elleke kept her locked up in the file room with the grant histories the rest of the time, only releasing her for occasional food and fluid breaks, and once in a blue moon, to resume her real life, but only when there was no other recourse.   Lynn plans to more fully develop her burgeoning talent in the next couple of years, so prepare to see a lot more of her and her work as we cheer her on with deepest gratitude.

Michelle Lysohirka
Director, 2014-2015

Mischa is a freelance Graphic/Web Designer, aspiring illustrator, and Front End Web Developer-in-training. She serves as director and web editor for the Langley Arts Council, and spends much of her spare time working on web design and comic art. Mischa enjoys experimenting with special FX zombie makeup and learning digital painting.

Mischa did wonders for our web site over the past year, redesigning it and putting the underpinnings in place to support the more streamlined and efficient processes we were looking for.   She remains as a highly valued volunteer resource, and a welcome fresh viewpoint on the arts world from the digital and graphic novel side of things, and we’re looking forward to seeing more of her work in exhibits in the coming year.

Leah in particular has benefited greatly from Mischa’s skill and support, and has been seen wandering the halls of the Langley Events Centre, searching vainly for zombies to use in luring Mischa away from her new motorbike and moaning in a most unsettling and Hallowe’en-like fashion!


Brianne Harrison
Director, 2014-2015

Brianne Harrison is a contemporary artist, painting, drawing, and creating sculpture and mixed media. Her work is colourful, expressive, engaging, and subversive. She explores women’s issues, cultural issues, and identity. Her work has been published in arts magazines and has been exhibited in Surrey, Vancouver, and throughout the lower mainland. She has been an active member in artist collectives, taking on leadership roles such as public relations director. Brianne is a 4th year student for a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree Kwantlen University. She is passionately involved in the Langley arts community and is a valued volunteer at Langley Arts Council.

Brianne did a great deal of work this year around developing a survey basis for the membership which we will be implementing in the coming year, helping us revise the membership form and the Art in Found Spaces application form and process, launching the Art in Found Spaces exhibits, helping do computer tasks, and generally being where she was needed at every possible turn.   She’s moved across the river and will be living and working out of New Westminster, only able to visit occasionally through the coming year, but we will be delighted to see her again when she gets to come by.   We will be eternally grateful for her strong support in just about every way imaginable throughout the past year.