LAC Mission, Mandate and History

The Langley Arts Council has been in active status as a society since 1969, when our certificate of incorporation was originally issued.

Our Mandate

The Langley Arts Council’s purposes are to:

  • encourage the practice of all of the art forms existing and developing in our diverse region;
  • encourage the development and proliferation of artists, whether emerging, established, or in legacy;
  • help sustain the cultural contributions and heritages of the many peoples who call our region home;
  • develop an umbrella organization to support the wide variety of artist-run groups, collectives and businesses  operating within the Langleys;
  • provide a rich information resource for individuals seeking artists and art forms, various local, regional, provincial and national governments, and the artists practicing in the Langleys;

Our Mission

As a community based arts organization, the mission of the Langley Arts Council is to cultivate, sustain, and proliferate artistic activity in Langley by offering resource support to the community as well as developing new and innovative programs in a variety of artistic disciplines.