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Artist Resources and Online Tools

Online Tools

A handy online MS-Word-to-PDF converter to use when converting your artist bio and artist statement(s) to a safe format for on-the-web use.

Ribbet.com – an easy-use editor for right-sizing images of your artwork and putting your copyright marks on it, along with our instruction booklet covering the basics!

Artsy Shark – Carolyn Edlund’s helpful reference and marketing business aimed at helping Canadian artists make money.   Some really useful blogs live here for the artist in business, and there’s an annual call for submissions to get your artwork seen on the national scene.

ArtBiz Coach with Alyson Stanfield – just south of us, and one of the best in the biz for helping artists navigate the turbulent rapids of making a living doing what you love.

Saatchi Art, internationally renowned, has a Canadian Art filter, and it yields pages and pages of Canadian artists.



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