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Arts Educational with Amy J. Dyck

Amy J. Dyck and the Langley Arts Council invite all visual artists, whether emerging or established, to our Arts Educational. Artists are encouraged to bring their pieces (showing them is optional) to receive constructive feedback. These sessions take place in a fun, supportive and sincere environment. You will receive feedback from both a professional and the other members in the group. Running for more than a decade, these art critiques (previously with Lalita Hamill ) are now being administrated by Amy J. Dyck, and are going strong! Whether you have a work of art in progress and are wondering how to proceed, a completed work that you would like feedback on, or simply want to observe and learn, these sessions are  for you! They provide a unique opportunity to learn about evaluating art and improve your eye!

Check our calendar on the last Mondays of every month (July, August, and December) to confirm. Come out and have some fun!

Website http://www.Amyjdyck.com

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AmyJDyck/

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