Gel Plate Printing

In this workshop students will learn how to:
•        create interesting layered prints with GOLDEN Fluid and OPEN Acrylics and the Gel Plate
•        create interesting layered prints using a common tools and objects
•        create a print from a magazine image

Finished prints can:
•        stand alone as beautiful pieces of art, be used as a preliminary back-ground or be used for collage

•        6×6 Gelli Plate
•        Stonehenge Papers for Printing
•        GOLDEN OPEN Acrylics
•        GOLDEN Fluid Acrylics
•        and a ton of supplies and tools needed to create amazing prints!

Prior to this workshop students will need to:
•        gather images from magazines they wish to print. These images MUST be high contrast Black & White.
•        gather images that can be cut out to make a silhouette. People, animals, and objects work well.
•        Gather interesting leaves, grasses, ferns etc. and other interesting textures to make prints from.

For More Information or to Book a Workshop Email Sonya Iwasiuk at:

Sonya Iwasiuk is a certified GOLDEN Artist Educator.

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