Membership & Benefits

Membership Types

There are two types of membership with the Langley Arts Council:  one is for individuals and families, and the other is for arts groups and businesses who support the arts.

Individual and Family Type Memberships include a Regular Membership, a Student Membership, a Senior Membership, a Family Membership, and a non-voting, newsfeed-only  “Friend of the LAC” membership.

Group and Corporate Memberships include a Corporate membership for large organizations (such as municipal/civil bodies, multi-branch corporations, and provincial or national arts agencies) and an Organization/Small Business membership for artist-run businesses and local or regional arts groups.


Membership Rates

All members are required to complete the application and pay their membership fee annually for the membership to be active.

Membership dues begin the day your payment is processed and provide full benefits for 1 year.

You will be notified by email in advance of your renewal date as a reminder to renew your membership. Email is our primary means of communication.


Regular Membership: $30.00
Student: ages 13 – 21 $15.00
Senior Membership: $15.00
Friend of the LAC: $15.00
Family Membership: $45.00
Organization/Small Business: $50.00
Corporate: $100.00