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Arts Instructors Directory

Lynne Bradford

Arts Practice/Genre: acrylics, watercolour
Field of Instruction: Beginners
Located in Surrey, BC

Email: lynnebradford_5@msn.com
Phone: 604-593-4587

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Wendy Jones, The Loft Studio

Arts Practice/Genre: Visual art
Field of Instruction: Classical drawing and painting instruction
Located in Langley, BC

Email: jones07@telus.net
Phone: 604-533-3484

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Kosheng Ko

Arts Practice/Genre: Watercolour
Field of Instruction: Painting
Located in Langley, BC

Email: koshen@telus.net
Phone: (604) 576-1836

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Leah Murray, byteSMART Digital Visions

Arts Practice/Genre: Digital arts
Field of Instruction: Photo-imaging, digital sound, digital arts production
Located in Cloverdale, BC

Email: leah@leahmurray.ca
Phone: 778-833-4136

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