Mixed Media Silhouette

Mixed Media Silhouettes
Unique Printmaking Methods with Stunning Results

In this workshop students will learn how to:
•        use a figurative image, repeated, to create an interesting composition
•        use basic printmaking techniques to create interesting, one of a kind imagery
•        use stencils, stamps, textured papers and other materials to create interesting marks and textures
•        use of collage and watercolour pencil crayons as accents and highlights within the piece
•        use of glazes to enhance the piece

•        15×11 Stonehenge Paper
•        GOLDEN Fluid Acrylic Paints
•        GOLDEN OPEN Acrylic Paints
•        GOLDEN Mediums
•        Unique mark making, texture making and collage materials
•        Watercolour Pencil crayons

Prior to this workshop students will need to gather and bring:
•        the main image of a figure in a dynamic standing pose, full page and full image. Students should bring a variety of images (from magazines or the student’s own photos).

For More Information or to Book a Workshop Email Sonya Iwasiuk at: sonya@sonyaiwasiuk.com

Sonya Iwasiuk is a certified GOLDEN Artist Educator.

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