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Richard Brodeur

Richard Brodeur

Richard Brodeur is North Vancouver Artist.

Richard is a former NHL Goalie who played for the Vancouver Canucks.He earned his spot in Canucks lore in 1982, when he backstopped the
team to its first Stanley Cup final performance and was given the moniker King Richard.

The native from Longueuil, Quebec retired from hockey in 1987. According to Vancouver hockey fans, Brodeur is one of the top ten Canucks in the club 40 years history.

Richard Brodeur the artist , utilize oils, acrylics, and watercolours to create abstract paintings as well as images of Canadiana landscape. His most popular series is a collection of paintings titled “My childhood Hockey Memories” depictions of youngsters playing hockey on frozen ponds, backyard rink, streets and back alleys all over Canada.

As an NHL’ers Brodeur understood that on ice brethren would likely mock his artistic endeavors.

Somehow the macho locker room culture didn’t quite gel with the fine arts.

Painting has always been a passion of mine says Brodeur. When I was playing with the Canucks, I was painting at home and brought a sketch pad with me on the road. But it is not something, I mentioned to my teammates. You are already considered as a flake to be a goalie anyways, and then if you walk in the locker room and tell them you are an artist, you will never ear the end of their mockery and laughter.

Now Brodeur works on his art everyday and shows his paintings at the Birthplace of B.C. Gallery in Fort Langley , British Columbia.

“I had two passions in my life”, he says. One was playing hockey and the other one my art. And I am a lucky guy because I have been able to do both.

King Richard’s passion for art is no longer a secret and this time no one is


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