Sybille Kissling, Vice Preseident

Sybille is a colour and sustainability specialist, working with design to ensure the best quality fabrics. Her Eco-conscience background increases her awareness of the environmental impact colour and other finishes have on the Earth.
As a fiber artist she uses clean lines and subtle details in her creations.

Art Practice

She is always learning new aspects related to design.  While refining her current skills she incorporates  fabric dying, hand knitting, bobbin lace and weaving into the design mix. She realized how strong her passion for clothing was when she lived in Asia. Because Sybille is a natural designer, she incorporates these experiences in her designs, combining traditional and unique details.

Her philosophy in designing is simple: clothing should be expressive and complimentary. She believes clothes should add to one’s confidence in what an amazing person they are.

Please follow her work on Instagram @sybillefiberart

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