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Help Wanted

Like every other volunteer-run organization, the LAC is always looking for help!

In addition to regular volunteers, we’re actively looking for board members to specialize in music, literary arts, and 3 dimensional arts (sculpture, fibre, etc).

To get on our list of special helpers, please fill in the Volunteer form here, and accept our heartfelt gratitude for your generous offer of assistance!!


Here are some of the things on our plate right now:


Art in Found Spaces — we need a quite a few helpers for this one:

  • a Location Scout who can help us add to our roster of regular and occasional exhibit spaces – this commitment will be one that allows you to work at your own convenient times, checking out, recording details and emailing the info to us or putting it into the database (training provided for the latter);
  • 2 – 3 Mounting/Dis-mounting helpers to assist us in putting up our regular exhibits and taking them down again in an orderly fashion – this occurs on the days when we are dismounting one exhibit in the morning and putting up the next one in the afternoon, usually about one Friday every six to eight weeks;
  • a Logistics Coordinator to pull together the lists, exhibit info, tags, bookings, equipment and supplies for mounting and dismounting days — you’ll work in the office with Lorraine for this one, and we’ll provide training for anything you aren’t sure how to do!


All of these volunteers will work with the board committee members who both manage and work in the program.   (They are:  Elizabeth Anderson, and Kosheng Ko)



  • Upcycle Competition – We are looking for judges, folks who will help with the drop-off and pick-up days, two photo-shoot assistants, and folks who will be able to help with the exhibit installation after hours in the Willowbrook Shopping Centre. No experience necessary — we’ll be happy to show you how on the job!
  • Christmas on King Street – a one day street event every year.  We’ll need the following helpers:   10 -15 Mounting/Dis-mounting helpers who can help set up the artisan village booths, the Christmas Tree Decorating Contest, the Sound Stage, the Hot Chocolate and Hand Warmers dispensary, and so on.  In between setup and teardown, these critical team members will spell off booth artisans and activity managers so that they get to have lunch, coffee breaks, etc. for a change, and will otherwise roam the event, kibitzing with the crowds and the participants, drinking hot chocolate or tea and nibbling on too many delicious things for your own good!  These volunteers will work with any or all of our board members  through the event, although most will be assigned to one area of support with a particular board member.


Social Media

We’re looking for folks who can help us post things to our Twitter Account, web site events calendar and notice boards, occasionally with our Facebook page, and help with our newsletters in MailChimp.  These supporters will back up the faithful and loyal trio who are trying to do it all by themselves.  We’ll be delighted to provide social media training and on-the-job experience, usable in your own arts practice, in return for your help!

Office, Maintenance & Administration

No job is finished until the paperwork is done –and because we work with government agencies who thrive and survive on paperwork, we’re continually behind on our filing and computer work.

We have a paid bookkeeper, and have now hired an Executive Assistant, we need volunteers who are willing to:

  • help with grant research and grant writing
  • type up stuff in MS-Word or Excel or print up mailing or shipping labels (training and support provided)
  • make photocopies
  • look up things on the internet
  • take photographs at our events
  • write stuff on our wall calendar
  • help sell things on E-Bay or Etsy

To get on our list of special helpers, please fill in the Volunteer form here, and accept our heartfelt gratitude for your generous offer of assistance!!

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