Amy Dyck, Office Manager


About: Amy

Amy J. Dyck lives and works in Langley, BC, She settled here after growing up in many locations across northern and southern BC, Ontario, and Washington.

A traveller at heart, she has loved her explorations in countries such as India, Japan, Scotland and England. Also, she loves to run and hike the stunning British Columbia landscape.

Marrying a musician, she and her husband have two creative children growing up in Langley.

Art Practice

Amy J. Dyck has won awards and recognition, which led to Signature Status within the Federation of Canadian Artists in 2017.

Teaching and demonstrating for arts groups and art stores, she is always learning and pushing further into her artistic goals. Also, she looks forward to leading the Langley Art Appreciation and Critiques nights beginning in 2018.

Emotive and sensitive, her work reflects her curiosity in the human internal landscape.

Preparing for new artworks through collecting visual research and anatomical studies, her painting style uses mainly oils and drawing mediums. She is influenced both by old and new masters and therefore her work is always evolving.

Her first-ever exhibition was with the Langley Arts Council in the Art in Found Spaces program many years ago, it is fitting that she now helps others with their exhibitions in the same program through her role at the L.A.C.

Follow Amy at

Instagram @amyjdyckartist

Langley Arts Council

Amy began working for the L.A.C. in 2016 as a part-time Office Manager, She carefully balances time between work, family, and her art practice.

While at work, she manages communications, the organization of the Art in Found Spaces Program, and administrative duties.

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