An Interview with Solo Artist Pamela Orth 

The Langley Arts Council wanted to conduct a short Q&A with Pamela about her exhibition "Potpourri of Oils" so that our community can fully experience the hard work Pam has put into her exhibition and get to know her a little bit better as an artist. This Q&A was conducted over email between Pam and Claire Sarfeld the Gallery Director.

What are you doing at this time to stay busy?

Besides getting my paintings ready for this up coming exhibition, I have been exercising to Billy Blanks, spring cleaning, and taking long walks.

Is there an artwork in “ Potpourri of Oils” you are most proud of? And why?

I am very proud of my hippos “Evening Dip”. It took a number of photos of images of hippos for me to do just one hippo. For example, I would take a bit of what I see from each photo to get the shape, lighting and angle of an ear in my painting. I would do the same for all the body parts of the hippos. Though the process was challenging, I feel that all the effort has paid off.

Why is oil paint your medium of choice?

I love the texture and the way the paint glides on the canvas. Also, it is more forgiving in that the drying time is longer and you can change things if need be without damaging the painting (which I need).

Where do you find inspiration and what artists or artistic movements inspire you?

I have been following Chuck Black and Michael James Smith. They are so fluent in the way they handle the brush on the canvas. With every detail they use, I am able to pick up their techniques to use in my works. I am inspired by colour, because I can unleash my inner juices and splash the colours on the canvas. This is where Abstracts and landscapes get my attention.

Visit Michael James Smith 's Website

What’s a memorable response you’ve had to your work?

I was showing my works at a gallery in White Rock. A man and lady came into the gallery and were viewing the paintings. He approached me and went from one painting to the next explaining how much he liked each painting and why. I never had this happen to me before. We chatted for a good hour. Then, he and his friend left. I was just heading to the back of the gallery when the lady came back in. She put her hand on my shoulder and told me that I had just met a great artist and that I should be so privileged that he loved my work. This artist’s name is Z. Z. Wei. Of course, I went home and blurted out my experience to my husband. Who quickly got on the Internet to search for him. He goes, “IS this the guy?”
There he was, Z .Z. Wei. I couldn’t believe it!! Though this happened in January 2020, I still have goose bumps to this day of this wonderful occasion.

See Z. Z. Wei 's Artwork HERE

What is your most important artist tool? Or is there something in your studio you couldn’t live without?

I can’t think of my favorite artist tool for painting, but I am sure glad I have removable mats. It has been a lifesaver for my spare room rug.

Why did you start making art?

In finding three tubes of oils in my parent’s office drawer, with trial and error, I challenged myself to paint a portrait of my Uncle. After three months I finished. To the amazement of family, friends and myself, the portrait looked just like him. Feeling the triumph of success, this portrait inspired me to continue painting.

Why did you name your exhibition “ Potpourri of Oils?”

Not being in the art industry for very long, I have as yet grounded myself to one certain menu. So far I have been painting portraits, landscapes, abstracts and wildlife. With such a mixture I decided to call my exhibition, “Potpourri of Oils.”

What is an artistic goal you have set for your self?

I would like to take courses to improve my painting skills.

What’s next for Pamela Orth?

Get a web site so I can sell, sell, sell!!

The LAC wants to thank Pam for her cooperation and positivity during this time. We appreciate her dedication to putting on a great show with the LAC for the AIFS online gallery.