Group voice lessons

Group voice lessons offer the opportunity for individuals to enhance their singing abilities in a tailored and supportive environment. With one hour of instruction per week, students will receive personalized guidance from a trained vocal coach to improve their vocal technique, range, pitch, and tone quality. Lessons may focus on breathing exercises, vocal exercises, and repertoire selection to help students achieve their musical goals. Whether you are a beginner looking to develop your voice or an experienced singer wanting to refine your skills, these lessons will help you unlock your full vocal potential. So, if you are passionate about singing and eager to improve your voice, group voice lessons are the perfect way to nurture your talent and elevate your performance.



Age: 12+


Seats: 10 students max


Dates: Sept 7 - 28, 2024 (Saturdays)


Time: 9:00 am - 10:00 am


Skill level: All levels welcome


Supplies: none


Student requirements:

  • A positive attitude toward learning and enhancing their vocal abilities is essential for adult voice lessons.
  • Commitment to attending all lessons and practicing regularly at home is crucial for success in voice lessons.
  • Willingness to try new techniques and exercises suggested by the voice teacher to improve vocal range, tone, and control.
  • Openness to receiving constructive criticism and feedback from the voice teacher to make necessary improvements.
  • Dedication to studying all assigned activities and homework to progress and reach their vocal goals.
  • Willingness to communicate openly with the voice teacher about any challenges or concerns they may have with their voice lessons.
  • Respect for the voice teacher’s expertise and guidance in helping them develop their vocal abilities.
  • Consistent practice and discipline are necessary to see progress and improvement in their vocal skills.


Price: $168

Location: 26770 29th Ave Aldergrove BC V4W 3B8


Instructor: Sara Gómez (scroll to the bottom of this page to get to know your Instructor)

if you have technical issues with registering and/or paying please contact us at (604)-534-0781

This Class will follow all mandated health protocols as set forth by the BC Ministry of Health.

Meet your instructor: Sara Gómez

Sara is a dedicated business administrator and musician with a specialization in the violin. Alongside her expertise in violin, she has gained experience in vocal coaching, teaching the violin, directing worship music, and conducting small group music theory lessons for individuals of all ages, including children, teenagers, and adults.