Join us for our second annual Outdoor Fine Arts Fair

About the Event

Join the Langley Arts Council for an arts-filled weekend! Meet Regional Artists, See their work, Enjoy Live Music, Try your hand at the Youth Arts Table, and shop Local Fine Arts!

Saturday, August 3, 2024 - 11 AM - 3 PM

Join us for a fun-filled day of kids' activities and workshops!

FREE Kids Activities

Face Painting by Gabrielle Strauss:

Gabrielle Strauss’s engaging work invites viewers into her rich images and draws the audience into their dance of colour, light and form. Born in Austria near Vienna, the artistic and intellectual legacy of that land shaped her childhood. Gabrielle became involved in various art groups after moving to Vancouver, Canada. After re-establishing herself in this new country, she was finally able to pursue her life-long dream of an artistic career.

Her early formal training in oil and other mediums provided a solid foundation for further development. Studying the techniques of her mentor Robert Genn, and other established Canadian artists, Gabrielle began developing a looser and freer style. Her curiosity now leads her to explore many techniques and methods, all of which percolate through her vast body of work. For Gabrielle, the process of creativity is an adventure in states of joy.

Today, Gabrielle focuses on commissioned house and floral portraits and teaching intuitive painting, mixed media and other techniques year-round. 

Craft Activities for Kids by Fraser Valley Regional Library - City of Langley

Classes and Workshops BY DONATION:

Kite as a Canvas - 11 am - 12:30 pm

Ages 5 - 9

Discover the fun of turning kites into colourful masterpieces in this creative workshop! Kids will explore different painting techniques and learn how to transform kites into unique works of art. Led by step-by-step instructions, they'll pick up new skills and unleash their creativity to design and paint their very own kite. This workshop is perfect for young artists eager to explore art in the open sky!

*Disclaimer: Please note that the items intended for painting (kite & backpack) in our workshops may vary or be substituted due to supply availability. We reserve the right to provide a different item as needed to ensure the workshop can proceed effectively. Participants attending our free or donated workshops should anticipate such potential changes. Thank you for your flexibility and understanding.

Backpack as a Canvas - 1:15 pm - 2:45 pm

Ages 10 - 15

Explore wearable art in our exciting workshop! Kids will learn to transform backpacks into vibrant canvases using fun painting techniques. Guided by our Art instructor, they'll unleash their creativity to design their own masterpiece. Perfect for young artists eager to personalize everyday items!

*Disclaimer: Please note that the item intended for painting (kite & backpack) in our workshops may vary or be substituted due to supply availability. We reserve the right to provide a different item as needed to ensure the workshop can proceed effectively. Participants attending our free or donated workshops should anticipate such potential changes. Thank you for your flexibility and understanding.

Kite and Backpack as a canvas workshop will be led by Artist and Langley Arts Council Instructor Kue Qaqtis. Kue has been experimenting in painting, printmaking, illustrations, design, and digital art for over 16 years. With a Fine Arts education from Kwantlen Polytechnic University and Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Qaqtis has exhibited work from New York to Vancouver. She has collaborated with various international and local brands/companies to create custom artwork. For the past 10+ years, she has been selling one-of-a-kind hoodies, t-shirts, shoes, and paintings under the brand Qaqtis

To register for the workshops, please follow the instructions below:

Saturday Food Vendor:

The Banana Bike:

They serve small batch of chocolate dipped frozen bananas. Milk chocolate or dark chocolate, you've got options!

The perfect snack on a sunny day! Our individually selected bananas are hand-dipped in small batches using high-quality Callebaut chocolate. All natural, no processing!

Saturday, August 4, 2024 from 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

This day-long Fine Arts Fair will showcase local and regional artists in Douglas Park. Join us to view, shop, meet, and mingle with local artists from the Langleys and beyond. We have over 17 Artists participating this year!

Location: Douglas Park in Langley City (located on the corner of Fraser Highway and 206 street).

Participating Artists this year

Elayne Preston

Born in Brantford, Ontario, Elayne has been making art since her retirement from an occupational health nursing career 9 years ago, opening a new life chapter. Past artistic pursuits included crocheting, knitting, fabric painting, sewing & cake decorating. Her artistic journey began with a watercolour class during a winter vacation in Arizona. She was hooked and soaked up as many classes as she could over the next few years with some wonderful local artist mentors. She loves the challenge of using a variety of art mediums and the satisfaction of mastering new techniques through self-directed learning.

Garima Wilson:

Garima Wilson is a hobby artist based in Langley. She was born in Madhya Pradesh, India. She started painting at an early age, but never wanted to make it a career. She spent a number of years in California where she was astounded by the scenic beauty and decided to put in on canvas. After moving to Canada, specifically Victoria, she was fascinated by the lively atmosphere of the Victoria Pier. Now she lives in Langley, surrounded by the beautiful snow-capped mountains and the majestic cedar trees. She has participated in a few exhibitions organized by the Langley Arts Council which she enjoyed and is looking forward to participating in more.

Jennifer Ross

I have always had a strong passion for artwork as far back as I can remember. I taught myself to paint and create artwork which I appreciate very much. I see art as therapy and am proud to finish my paintings, especially with bright cheerful colours.I paint at home with music in the background and can lose myself into my art for hours.


Johnny Tai

I am Johnny (Tiger) Tai, a dedicated martial-arts instructor residing in the vibrant city of Richmond, BC. What sets me apart as an artist is my unique perspective - I am entirely blind and partially deaf. My journey as an artist has been an extraordinary one, marked by notable milestones. I recently concluded my artist-in-residence program at Vancouver's esteemed Grunt Gallery on April 15th, 2023. In February of the same year, I had the privilege of showcasing my work at the "Disability Arts Market" held at the prestigious BMO Theatre. Furthermore, my artwork has been featured in the captivating "Amplified Voices" show, which graced the Vancouver Italian Cultural Centre from May to August 2023. In 2024, I am the proud receiver of a Research and Creation Grant from the Canada Arts Council, and a BC Arts Council Individual Arts Grant as well. Also in 2024, my artworks have been selected to be featured in the Future Xhibit show, put on by Kickstart Disabilities, at the Gathering Place Center, Vancouver location. I look forward to any opportunity that will aid in my development and maturation as an artist.

Julie Epp

Born and raised in the Fraser Valley, Julie discovered her passion for art at an early age, fueled by the rich natural beauty and cultural diversity that surrounded her. This deep connection to her surroundings laid the foundation for her artistic journey, which has since blossomed into a multifaceted exploration of femininity, mythology, and the intricate tapestry of human experience.

While she enjoys working in a variety of mediums, her recent focus has been on Watercolour, drawn to its delicate fluidity and capacity for intricate detail. Through this medium, Julie can breathe life into her subjects, capturing not only their physical likeness but also the essence of their stories and inner worlds. Beyond her studio practice, Julie is deeply engaged in the community as an art educator. From guiding aspiring artists in material practices to facilitating workshops for children and individuals with disabilities, Julie is passionate about fostering creativity and self-expression in all its forms.

Laura Lim

Laura Lim is a self-taught oil painter from Maple Ridge, BC. Laura has loved art for as long as she can remember. When she was young, she often brought her art supplies on family boating trips so she could paint the landscape (between jumping off the swim grid into the ocean and watching kingfishers diving through her binoculars). After graduating with a BA in English and pursuing a career in marketing for ten years, she returned to her lifelong love of art and began painting full-time in 2023. BC’s west coast still inspires her art - peaceful moments spent in the mountains and by the ocean shaping each piece she creates. She also still loves painting “en plein air” to capture the feeling of the outdoors in her paintings. In the short time she has pursued art professionally, her work has found homes in private collections throughout BC.

Linda Morris

Linda Morris is a local artist who has been painting for many years. She specializes in oil paintings, doing landscapes, still life and animals. She loves all the bright colours of nature and takes many photos on her travels around the world. Linda’s art has changed over the years, becoming more abstract and looser in style, using the palette knife as her paint brush and seeing her vision of her future projects showing her love of animals and the beautiful province we live in. She uses all the bright colours of her palette and hopes her paintings brings joy to whoever gets to view them.

Linda Poon

Born and raised in Canada, nestled in the heart of the prairies, I have always been captivated by the stunning natural open green field. My journey as an artist began 2012, when I went on self-study of visual art and working with primary oil and acrylic mediums.

Over the years, my work has been featured locally in my community markets and trade shows. I have also been accepted into juried shows with The Federation of Canadian Artists of which I am an Active Member.

My life journey has allowed me to dedicate more time to creating art which has allowed me to explore further the themes that drive my curiosity in my art. Through my continued artistic endeavours, I hope to inspire others to reflect on the relationship between the feminine, the human figure, and the natural world, fostering a deeper appreciation for our interconnection with vulnerability and bravery.

Maaike VanderMeer

Maaike VanderMeer is an emerging artist who works in acrylics, watercolours and cyanotype to combine with the familiar with the fantastical in vibrant abstract art. Her work has been displayed in Kabale, Uganda, and has been purchased by individuals in the U.S., Germany, Canada and Uganda. This Summer she is selling art in farmers’ markets in Chilliwack, DeRoche and Mission. Maaike aims to tell a story in each piece of art work; if you tell her a story, she’ll even give you a discount!

Mackenzie Lawrence

Mackenzie Lawrence is a multi-disciplinary, published photographer who creates fine art photographs and documents live performances. Due to her never ending curiosity, Mackenzie is always willing to jump into a new creative project, no matter the medium. She's tried her hand in graphic design, videography, tattoo design, and as a live radio host, growing her range and depth as a creative through living as a jack of all trades

Mann Kaur

Maan Kaur, a mixed media artist originally from India, now resides in Canada. She explores identity and expression through vibrant acrylic paintings and textured 3D works, inspired by nature's beauty and the duality of life. Kaur's art reflects her journey of self-discovery and emotional release, influenced by contemporary and modern art. She holds a diploma in Fine Arts from Langara College, Vancouver. Her recent group exhibitions include Just Life (Newton Cultural Centre) and the Annual Youth Exhibition held by Langley Arts Council. Kaur's career highlights include Honorary Mentions in Paint the Train 5.

Mary Ellen Bullock

Mary Ellen Bullock is a an artist who primarily works with pastel, watercolour , acrylics.

Oxana Baydina

My artistic name is Sana Biden (Oxana Baydina). My family and me moved to Canada in 2016. I come from an artistic and noble family, my father, aunt, sister painted in different techniques – watercolor, ink, oil, pastel.

Ever since I can remember I have been playing with art. I spent 7 years in an art school, from which I graduated in 1978. Some of my first paintings got recognition in Russia, Japan, and Poland during the 1970s. Although I started as a traditional artist painting in oil, watercolor, and pastel, about 15 years ago, I switched to a new technique. So, no I mostly paint on glass with special paints and pastels.I am always learning and trying to use different techniques and materials. I am in search of new forms and innovative ideas. Using of special paints, gels, pastes, additives, additional materials, I combine the possibilities of drawing with stained glass art. This allows to make a fresh look at the art of stained glass, expands its capabilities and colors, give it the features of modern art.

Peggie Tsang

Since childhood, I have always loved crystals, and these have become integral to my life. In 2022, I create CSC Jewelry, with which I can share my passion for crystals. I sincerely hope that you will like my Suncatchers and Jewelries, and that they can bring happiness into your life.

Rudy Zator

I create abstract & otherworldly images with latex house paint. Flowing, dripping, or drawing with a stir stick the images created are a fantasy, an explosion of colour and energy that takes the viewer to another

place. I also create abstract and otherworldly images with my camera.Using camera movement to create energy in vibrate, colourful images.Also using water reflections to create intricate and intimate photo sketches

Tara Devine

Originally from West Vancouver, Tara Devine is a visual artist currently based in Port Moody, BC. Since 2020, she has participated in juried group exhibitions and other artistic endeavors with local galleries and arts councils in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland. Tara lives with her husband and two children and draws inspiration from her family and her natural coastal surroundings. Many of her works use natural elements, colors, and textures; however, she enjoys the creative freedom of experimenting with new materials, ideas, and themes. Tara has created a series of playful artworks including mini acrylic paintings with local references, felt acorn ornaments, and macrame decor.

Toni King

I am an emerging artist who lives and works in the Langley area. I am a member of the Langley Arts Council and the Fort Langley Artists Group.

As an artist, I rely on the delicacy and transparency of watercolor to convey the lushness of nature. Being able to reach out and touch that flower brings calmness to my soul.

The desire to feel the depth, texture, and complex patterns of each flower opens up the beauty and mystery that are at the heart of every blossom. Portraying this fragility excites me as I capture their jewel-like qualities

Langley Camera Club

Langley Camera Club is an active and vibrant photography club consisting of members who enjoy taking photo images for fun and for juried competition. Our members range from beginner to advanced, engaging in activities such as; photo outings, special interest education sessions, in house competitions, guest speaker events, formal competitions, tutorials, pot luck dinners and so much more. Our members learn from each other and are encouraged to develop skills in a fun and purposeful way. The club meets regularly at the Langley Lions Society West Langley Hall at 9400 208th St. Langley. The LAC also host “zoom” meetings for many of the events

and educational tutorials. New members are always encouraged and welcome as we like to think big, and of course; the more the merrier. We look forward to seeing you at the Fine Arts Fair in the Park, we invite you to visit our booth where you can learn more about our club and view some great photo images created from our members.

"Kite and Backpack as a canvas workshop" will be led by Instructor Kue Qaqtis.
Artist Mary Ellen Bullock is one of the vendors at the Fair. Come shop their artwork!
Artist Jennifer Ross is one of the Vendors at the Fair, Come shop their artwork!