Submit Historic Clothing Pieces for the LAC's Art & Fashion Exhibition

The Art & Fashion exhibition will showcase artworks exploring the theme of fashion. We're inviting collectors to submit historic pieces of clothing/fashion items to display alongside this open call. We will also accept sketches, sketchbooks, etc. 

Examples of historic clothing include shirts, blouses, bottoms, skirts, pants, dresses, scarves, etc.

Examples of historic fashion items include hats, eyewear, shoes, purses, watches, etc.

Note: These items will be on display alongside artwork submitted for the exhibition. Unlike artworks submitted for the exhibition, historic items do not need to be made by you. 

If you have questions regarding the eligibility of your historic items, please contact

Exhibition Dates

July 24th - August 28th, 2024

Exhibition Location

Aldergrove Kinsmen Community Center 'Main Hall Gallery' (26770 29th Ave, Aldergrove BC V4W 3B8).

Submission Deadline

July 1st 2024

Submission Eligibility

This is an OPEN CALL - meaning individuals do not have to be members of the LAC to apply.

Historic Clothing/Fashion Item Eligibility

Historic clothing/fashion must be created before 2004 is considered "vintage"

NOTE: Glass cases provided by LAC for item display are NOT archival-grade glass.

Historic Clothing/Fashion Item Specifications

 Individuals can submit up to 3 historic clothing/fashion items created before 2004. 

 Please note all three items may not be accepted.

 Historic clothing/fashion items will not be for sale in our exhibition. If you would like to sell your historic items, please contact

 Item drop-off and pick-up will be coordinated with the owner and the LAC once the item has been accepted and will be outlined in a contract.

Historic Clothing or Fashion Item Display Specifications

- All items must be appropriately prepared for display meaning;

The LAC will not be providing mannequins, hangers, or stands for clothing or fashion items.

For all historic clothing and fashion items, owners are in charge of providing appropriate stands for item display - for example hangers, stands, etc. For all fashion items that do not stand upright on their own, owners are in charge of providing display stands.

Clothing or items that do not meet our criteria or are not properly prepared for display may not be exhibited (consult with the Gallery Coordinator regarding any questions or special considerations before the exhibition).

The Langley Arts Council insurance policy does not provide coverage for exhibiting artists. The Langley Arts Council cannot be responsible for theft or damage in any of their Art In Found Spaces Galleries; that being said every precaution will be exercised to keep the artwork safe in each exhibition space.

Additional Questions

Please contact

To apply please fill out the application below.