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This page is where artists and artisans can apply to showcase their 3D artworks and handmade goods in the LAC Gift Shop. The Gift Shop will be located at LAC Offices inside the Aldergrove Kinsmen Community Centre (26770 29 Ave, Aldergrove, BC V4W 3B8). The items in the Gift Shop will be available for purchase in person and online.



 Artists, please ensure your work follows the LAC's definition of an 'Original Artwork'

Original artwork is created at the hand of the artist who is submitting the work. The creation process must be the effort of a single individual to convey their own personal interpretation of an image, multiple images, or a subject. Submitting artists are allowed to use reference photos to inspire their work, but artists must use their own design and composition for the final artwork to be considered original.

 Artisans, please ensure your work follows the LAC's acceptance criteria. 
We are looking for makers of all sorts, textile artists, ceramicists, soapers, card makers, and more. Applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis. We are looking for work that is creative, innovative, cohesive, and respectful of other cultures, and copyright laws.

 Artworks submitted to the Langley Arts Council must not have been created at an art class, lesson, or paint night.

 Artists applying to the LAC Gift Shop must reside in B.C. Canada and any outsourcing done to create this work must be done within Canada.

Additional Information

 Submitting Artists/Artisans do not need to be a member of the LAC, however, if they are chosen for the Gift Shop they will need to be a member at the time their works are showcased. 

 Each Artist/Artisan is invited to submit up to 8 works for consideration for the Gift Shop through the digital application below. Please note, the LAC may not accept all 8 works for the Gift Shop.

 Please note, the LAC does not have room for the storage of additional items. When an item sells, the Artisan will be invited to replace that item with a new item. The LAC will be in touch with the Artisan at the time of the sale to facilitate a new time for the new item to be brought in.  

 Drop-off and pick-up will be coordinated with the Artisan and the LAC before the opening and take-down of the Gift Shop.  

The Langley Arts Council insurance policy does not provide coverage for exhibiting artisans. The Langley Arts Council cannot be responsible for theft or damage in our Gift Shop; that being said precaution will be exercised to keep the Gift Shop items safe. All of our display cases will be locked to assist in the prevention of this happening. 


All sales of Gift Shop items are handled through the Langley Arts Council. Artisans will be paid once the item has been picked up by the buyer. Please note It may take up to two weeks for the cheque to be delivered to that artist. A 30% LAC commission will be deducted from the artist’s cheque. 

Additional Questions

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