BC-Wide Landscape Competition and Exhibition 

Application Fees:

$50 Non-members

$40 LAC Members
$10 Lifetime Member
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Apply to the first BC-Wide Landscape Competition hosted by the Langley Arts Council in the Township of Langley! With the ongoing success of the LAC's BC-Wide Portrait Competition, we wanted to provide an opportunity for the BC-based landscape artists to compete in a landscape version of the competition! Haven't been able to attend the BC-Wide Portrait Competition? Read about it HERE!

Deadline: Monday, July 31, 2023

Artists will be notified by: Monday, August 8th

Exhibition Dates: Aug. 25th - Oct. 29th, at the Timms Community Center located at 20399 Douglas Cres, Langley BC V3A 4B3.

Competition Date: Sunday, September 17th

Location: Williams Park (located in the Township of Langley 6596-6726 238th St. Langley)

About the Exhibition and Competition: 

Artists are welcome to enter three works for consideration in the first round of judging through the application at the bottom of this page. All artists will be considered for both the Exhibition and Painting Competition.

After applications are received, 9 artists will be chosen to compete in this live landscape painting competition. The rest of the artists will be showcased in the exhibition alongside the competition, please note space will be limited so all artists and all their submitted works may not be showcased.

To select the 9 artists participating in the completion and the exhibition, the LAC will use the process attached below.

Details About the Exhibition:

- This exhibition is open to artists who reside in B.C. Canada.

- This call can only accommodate 2D artworks.

- All artworks must be original, no photographs or prints, please.

- Artists are welcome to submit 3 artworks for consideration and will receive a notice via email about the status of their submission after the show's submission deadline.

- All artworks must be for sale, and any sales that take place during the duration of the exhibition must be facilitated through the LAC.

- All artworks must remain hung for the duration of the exhibition.

- Please ensure your work follows the LAC's definition of an 'Original Artwork'

Original artwork is created at the hand of the artist who is submitting the work. The creation process must be the effort of a single individual to convey their own personal interpretation of an image or multiple images. Submitting artists are allowed to use reference photos to inspire their work, but artists must use their own design and composition for the final artwork to be considered original.

- 2D artwork must be suitably prepared for display. Artworks must be appropriately framed or stretched with finished sides and properly wired for hanging, using d-hooks and wire. The D hooks should be 4” from the top of the frame or 1/3 of the height of the frame. The stretched wire should be 2” below the top of the frame. The Langley Arts Council reserves the right to refuse any piece. Work not properly prepared may not be exhibited (consult with the LAC regarding any questions or special considerations before the exhibition).

- Submission fees are non-refundable.

About the Live Competition

The in-person landscape competition will take place on Sunday, September 17th from 9:00 - 3:30. The 9 chosen artists will be given two and a half hours to work on their landscapes quietly without an audience. At 11:30 spectators will be invited to watch the artists complete their works! Artists will continue to paint until 1:00 PM. Four hours after the start, bushes will be set down, and the judges will go around to take in the works. After the judges have deliberated, the top three will be chosen. One artist will be selected as the winner of this year's competition, and two others will receive an honorable mention.

The winning artist will receive a $100 OPUS Gift Card and $100 cash, and the two artists awarded honorable mention will each receive $50 OPUS Gift Cards, and $50 cash. The winner and two honorable mentions will also win a LAC group exhibition in one of our four gallery spaces and a LAC membership for the year!

The other participating artists in the top 9 will each receive a $25 OPUS Gift Card for participating in the event.

Details For the Top 9 Artists

~ Top 9 artists will be provided with one 12" x 16" (canvas, linen, watercolor paper, or cradled panel) surface to paint or draw on.

~ Top 9 artists will be provided with Kroma Acrylic Paints (black, white, red, blue, yellow), Oil Paints (black, white, red, blue, yellow), or watercolor paints (black, white, blue, red, yellow). Artists are welcome to bring more colours to work with if they choose. The LAC will not be supplying artists with Medium. If artists would like to use mediums in their live painting event they will be asked to bring their own.

~ Artists are asked to bring their own easel, brushes, and any other additional materials they may need to complete their work.

More information will be provided to the Top 9 Artists after they have been selected.

Questions about the Exhibition or Competition? Please contact events@langleyarts.ca

To apply, complete the two steps below.

1. Fill out the Application form and SUBMIT

2. Complete your registration fee payment. 

Our Sponsors

Thank you Opus Art Supplies, Downtown Langley Business Association, Willowbrook Art Gallery and Kroma artists Acrylic. These events are not possible without our sponsors and donors. 

Sponsorship opportunity If you would like to be a sponsor for this event please email Freda Lombard at events@langleyarts.ca