Meet Our Instructor for Mould Making...Tim Manalo!

In this beginner-level sculpting class, students will learn how to make wax fruits and vegetables. Through hands-on learning, students will gain foundational mould-making skills by making their own plaster mould out of a fruit or vegetable and cast them out of wax. Students will also get to experiment with colouring their wax fruit and vegetable casts.

You will be encouraged to use items that can be easily found around your home. We are happy to help you prepare prior to the beginning of the class.

Click this link to sign up:

CLOSE UP WITH..."Cloud Lady 002" + "Cloud Lady 003" - Incognito Series

The graphic qualities of this Heart's work is visceral and undeniably fun. The colours, the imagery, and the gestures chosen all create a narrative up for interpretation.

CLOSE UP WITH..."Trinity," "Spring," + "Grassland" - Incognito Series

Dan Zak is a mixed media artist who grew up in rural Alberta, from a Eastern European family, and is currently living and working on Salt Spring Island (territories of the Saanich, Cowichan, and Chemainus First Nations).

CLOSE UP WITH..."Emotional Orchestra," "Autumn Scratch," + "To Be A Circle"

Hong Parks work translates emotion through the orchestration of colour and texture. His work is vibrant, satisfying, and deeply stimulating.

CLOSE UP WITH..."The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same" - Solo Exhibition

Colin Mitchell's work combines 2D and 3D elements to create breathtaking and hilarious collages amongst beautifully painted scenes.

CLOSE UP WITH...Alex Lavrov's "Self-Consciousness," "Safety," & "Molasses"

Alex Lavrov's Solo Exhibition, "Looking Inward," features three paintings that we go close up with "Self-Consciousness," "Safety" & "Molasses." Alex talks about his artistic journey and his thought processes when painting. Alex's work is a subtle nod to the likes of Dali, and yet has his own very distinct style. We look forward to seeing where Alex's work takes him, and we hope it brings him to new artistic heights.

CLOSE UP WITH...Linda Morris' "Mother's Love," "Summer House," & "Keeping Warm"

"The Harmony of Colours," a solo exhibition by Linda Morris, features many incredible works of art. We take a closer look at "Mother's Love," "Summer House," and "Keeping Warm" with Linda detailing her process and how these paintings came to fruition.

A Virtual Walkthrough - LInda Morris' "The Harmony of Colours"

We are so pleased to feature the work of Linda Morris in her solo exhibit, "The Harmony of Colours," currently being featured at the TIMMS Community Centre in Langley, B.C.

A Virtual Walkthrough - Group Exhibition "Identity"

'Identity' is a group exhibition of artists exploring what the term "identity" means to them, and how it translates into their work. Featuring some incredible artists such as Jessie Na, Verna Brown, Carole Wilson and many more.