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On the morning of April 10, 2018, after tending to his daughter Temma and while standing by her bed, the word “Radiator” came to Chicago based artist Tim Lowly’s mind.  He likened the word to his experience of Temma who – like a radiator – is relatively static in her presence and yet radiates a kind meaningfulness that belies that stasis.  The series of paintings in this exhibition are based on photographs taken of Temma which suggest some way in which she has a kind of (perhaps mystical) agency.  Temma, born in 1985, is profoundly disabled (cerebral palsy with spastic quadriplegia) and has been the central subject of Lowly’s work.

Radiator is at the Fort Gallery February 1-24.  The opening reception is February 8, 7-9pm.  There will be another reception and artist talk February 22, 7pm.  Please consider this your invitation to attend.

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