Diane Gendron - President
Diane Gendron retired, several years ago, from the corporate world where she was a communications manager. She lives on a little property in Langley with her three cats surrounded by a big yard with flower and vegetable gardens. While yard work and gardening are not her favourite thing to do, she likes the results. She has two children, two grandchildren, and many friends. She has been lucky to have done quite a bit of traveling and now goes to Mexico a couple of times a year to visit her daughter. Diane's mom was a singing and piano teacher in Langley and Diane started singing onstage when she was three at her mother's recitals. She has continued to be onstage throughout her life: singing, modeling, and acting in community theatre productions around the province. She is currently delighted to be making music: singing and playing her bass guitar in a four-piece rock band called KatMoon.

Lana Hart
- Past President and Treasurer
Lana Hart grew up on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. She studied with many different artists, potters, and directors. She has a degree in Theatre Design from the University of British Columbia which may explain why she weaves a story throughout each of her paintings. Primarily working in acrylics Lana’s style could be described as Impressionistic Realism. Lana belongs to several painting groups, which includes being an award-winning member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. Lana moved to the Langley area in 2009, looked around for new friends, and found the Langley Arts Council. She became President in 2014 and has been a member of the Board since. Lana is a passionate artist and advocate for the arts.

Alana Evans - Vice President
Alana Evans is an Emily Carr University Graduate with a BFA in Fine Art and is an expressionistic landscape oil painter. Currently inspired by her nostalgia for the BC terrain and its environment; it moves Alana to capture the lakes, mountains, flora, and the ever-changing skies. She is a professional architectural and design sales representative running Canada for a multinational corporation, and she utilizes her corporate professionalism to assist with her role as a current board member. Alana has lived in Langley for 9 years and she is passionate about encouraging the further development of the artistic community in the Fraser Valley thru the Langley Arts Council.

Suzanne Erickson - Secretary

Suzanne Erickson is a multi-discipline artist and professional engraver whose work synthesizes ideas and techniques developed over a long and varied career in art. Suzanne started a successful business working with high-level fashion and fragrance companies, engraving perfume, and cosmetic products. With a continued interest in sculptural art and fascinated by the natural beauty, and historical importance of gourds, Suzanne has found a new medium in one of the world's earliest cultivated plants. The masterful carving, painting, weaving, pyrography, and embellishment found in her work, recalls an earlier time when these objects were treasured as possessions of noble people who were deeply connected to the earth.

Marlo Browne - Director
Marlo Browne is a Barbadian poet and author who self-published 4 books in 2019, 2021, 2022, and 2023. He is currently working on his fourth book entitled 'The Life and Times of a Poet'. He has participated in open mics both in his native country of Barbados as well as in Langley, New Westminster, and Vancouver. In 2020, he placed third with his poem John Keats in an online competition that was based on '16 days of activism against domestic abuse.” His first two books- Pictorial: Writing for Stars that Want to Return to Constellations and Marlo Browne Presents: The Young and Gifted have received 5-star reviews on Amazon. All 3 of his books can be found on Amazon as well as the UEL. 

Ana Bayona - Director

Fine Arts (BFA). Graduating in 2017, her final exhibition challenged artistic conventions with surreal installations. Ana's art, like her life philosophy, embraces change, encouraging viewers to embrace the unexpected. In addition to her artistic endeavors, Ana excels as a Manager of Strategic Initiatives. Her expertise in training, compliance management, social media, and safety prioritization ensures proficient and safe teams. She's dedicated to diversity, inclusion, and community engagement in both corporate and community roles. Ana's passion for the arts and community advocacy shines through her role on the Recreation, Culture, and Parks Committee, where she enhances services for Township residents. She also contributes to the Museum Advisory Committee, shaping policies and planning for community museums. Her dedicated roles on the Board of Directors at Arnica Artist-Run Centre from 2016 to 2019 underscore her commitment to collaboration and local artist support. Her passion, creativity, and dedication align seamlessly with the council's mission to promote and support the arts in Langley.

Freda Lombard - Director

Freda's artistic journey began in 2009 when she moved to Canada from South Africa, receiving art supplies that same year. She has evolved into an accomplished 'fun art/paint night' instructor and a prolific creator of captivating works that eloquently convey narratives through a captivating palette of colors. As a Certified Therapeutic Arts Practitioner (CTAP) accredited by CIIAT, Freda adeptly conducts therapeutic art sessions for individuals and small groups, focusing on personal development, emotional well-being, and self-awareness. She's also known for crafting team-building art workshops. Her artistry, a fusion of creativity and therapeutic insights, reflects her belief in the profound potential of art. In her upcoming role at the Langley Arts Council, Freda eagerly anticipates the opportunity to enrich Langley's thriving arts community.

David Williams - Director

Dave Williams was an educator for 35 years. During that time, he worked as an elementary school teacher, a secondary school teacher, a technology coordinator, and a school administrator. He has a master’s degree in technology studies in education with a focus on new technology. Dave has a keen interest in painting and theatre. Dave works primarily with oils and acrylics in his paintings and enjoys working in larger formats. Dave’s interest in theatre has moved him from spectator to participant. Dave has taken on many roles in theatre. He has been an actor, set constructor, set designer, producer, and director. Dave has served on the board of Langley Players Drama Club as a director and president for many years. Langley Players amalgamated with Surrey Little Theatre to form Langley Little Theatre where he was instrumental in bringing the amalgamation to fruition. Dave currently serves a president of Langley Little Theatre. 

LAC Office Staff

Claire Sarfeld - Executive Director
Nicole Hutton - Office Manager & Bookings Coordinator 

Mimi Sayvong - Arts Coordinator  
Deepika Pandian - Events Coordinator

Mini Claire - Curator and Gallery Coordinator

Joel Libin - Building Maintenance