Main Gallery Hall

Our Main Gallery Hall is a large space ideal for public events, concerts, weddings, birthday parties, town meetings, fairs, training, classes, and more. This Main Hall can hold up to 245 people and is wheelchair accessible from the main entrance.  The Main Hall Gallery serves as a dedicated space for exhibiting artwork. As such, artwork must remain on the walls for rentals. The LAC does not accommodate requests to remove artworks for rental purposes or private events. 


-tables and chairs included in the rental

-48 feet by 59 feet, or 2,832 square feet

-access to the kitchen (can be rented separately)

-bar area for food, drinks, pamphlets, etc.

-smooth floors for easy clean-up

-sound system

-projector screen

Additional Equipment Rental (for a fee)
- Projector 

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Main Gallery Hall.View from the back wall towards entrance. No art on walls.

Main Gallery Hall. View from main entrance (curtains not included). Projector screen is tucked behind curtain. No art on walls.

Main Gallery Hall. View from Kitchen doors and bar area.
Main Gallery Hall. Photo of bar area beside Kitchen door entrance.

Easy access closet for tables and chairs

Main Gallery Hall set up for a wedding.

Main Gallery Hall in use for public event and sale with artwork hung and tables set up.