Lana Hart, President

The Beginning

Lana Hart grew up on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. She studied with many different artists, potters, and directors. She has a degree in Theatre Design from the University of British Columbia which may explain why she weaves a story throughout each of her paintings. Amongst many organizations that Lana belongs to the more noteworthy ones include the Rotary Club of North Delta and Beta Sigma Phi.

Lana Hart, The Artist:

Primarily working in acrylics, Lana’s style can be described as Impressionistic Realism.  In order to advance her art practice, Lana belongs to several painting groups. Consequently, Lana has achieved the level of award-winning member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.  In addition, Lana is proud to be a charter member of the North Delta Artists Guild. As a painting instructor Lana loves to share her passion and artistic perspective with her students.

The Langley Arts Council:

AnchorLana moved to the Langley area in 2009, looked around for new friends and found the Langley Arts Council. Promising herself not to get too involved other than to work at her painting, she became President in 2014. Due to her experience in the past as an Arts Administrator Lana is prepared for the president’s position with the Langley Arts Council. As a result of her passion for the arts Lana sees the need of the Langleys to have a Centre or Centres for the Arts that supports community arts and culture. Time will tell.

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