Port Kells Art Club

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Group Statement / Bio
“Our club endeavours to help you become an aspiring artist through our workshops and to help promote your artwork through our shows.”


“Our club is all about living artistically.”

The Port Kells Art Club is a Not for Profit group of visual artists managed by the artist membership. The club was formed by a group of painters in 1962 and has been active for over 50 years.

As members of the Langley Arts Council and the Surrey Arts Council, our club has the privilege of receiving some support and funding for our on-going programs.

Membership in Port Kells Art Club is open to all people who are interested in supporting the arts and who are willing to abide by the constitution by-laws and policies of the club.

The purpose of the club is to offer the means to appreciate and promote the arts, together with the opportunity to grow as artists. The path taken includes sharing art experiences through participation in the community by sharing works to be seen by the public in local festivals and shows.

The club exhibits work as a group in community halls and participates in programs to advance the arts through the Arts Councils.


Annual membership is $30.00


The Port Kells Art Club is registered with the Societies of BC and the Federal Charities Act and are members of the Langley Arts Council and the Surrey Arts Council.


Port Kells Art Club members hold art shows at least twice a year offering fresh paintings that are for sale. All members can participate and the show is open to the public. Refreshments are available.

The dates for these shows will be on our Langley Arts Council webpage and will be advertised in our local papers.


We meet in Langley, on the third Monday of each month, at 1:00 pm, at the Masonic Hall, 20701 Fraser Highway, Langley, BC. For those who would like to come to our meetings, please contact us or drop in during one of our monthly meetings.

Members must attend four meetings a year to participate in our art shows.
July/August/December – No meetings
Group Potluck Luncheons: End of May and November


Weekly art classes contribute to the opportunity for growth as an artist. The artwork presented to the public in any exhibition is done with the intention of following a certain accepted standard of professionalism.

Members who are at different stages of their artistic journey produce the artwork exhibited. The Port Kells Art Club has a program of classes held for about nine months of the year, with instruction given by qualified artists.

Classes are held in three sessions, yearly. We hold instruction classes in watercolour, oil and acrylics. The two instructors change with each session and are always excellent artists.

Some of our past instructors are: Barry Chadwick, Barry Walker, Carmel Claire, Gerry Jarvis, Lalita Hamill, Leo Hu, Margery Temple and Michael King.

Our workshop classes are provided to members on a first come, first served basis and a waiting list is kept for those interested. Artwork that is offered for sale at our exhibitions is original work done by the member artists, OR work that has been done in class under instruction.

Thank you for visiting our webpage at the Langley Arts Council website….and, please do come back to visit again, as we keep adding more information, when available.

For more information and to become a member please contact Susan Black 604. 592. 2357    susan.black@shaw.ca  

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